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Kindergarten Readiness
Welcome to Kindergarten Readiness where we build the foundation for success. Please contact me with any questions of concerns you may have at 
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Kindergarten Readiness Testimonies
 Find out what parents have to say about KR! 
" The best decision we have made" has been the common theme of every testimony I hear. Read testimonies from former KR parents below: 
Our son had done well in pre-K, and like any other parents, we prepared for kindergarten; making sure he was up to speed on “all the things your child should know before kindergarten.” Our son tested well, and it was at this point Mrs. Walker spoke to us about the potential benefits of kindergarten readiness (KR). Both of us have summer birthdays, and so we saw the benefits KR could provide. Some of these included smaller class size and more flexibility with the pace of the curriculum. After some discussion we realized our hesitation had more to do with our own thoughts and perceptions rather than the potential benefits.

We decided to enroll our son in KR and in a few weeks we knew it was absolutely the right decision. He has grown so much this year and he LOVES going to school. KR provided a great foundation for the rest of his education and will allow him to go into kindergarten with so much more confidence. While we know our son would have done just fine going directly into kindergarten, going through KR will allow him to truly THRIVE amongst his peers next year and beyond.

Renee & Errik Goodman
“Stella has truly blossomed since being in Mrs. Walkers class. As being one of the youngest kids in the school when we first brought her we wanted to make sure she was in the right place and we were incredibly thankful to discover it far exceeded what we could have hoped for her to experience! At the suggestion of her previous year preschool teacher and Mrs Walker we found it to be the perfect bridge into her kindergarten year and am delighted to see she is more than ready for kindergarten now. Thanks Mrs Walker! “
Thanks for all you do!
Shawna Brinsfield 
When Kase started KR the only kids he was used to being around was his big brother and his baby cousin. He didnt know what it was like to be around other kids, playing, being away from family and being with someone new. His first day in KR will be a memory I will always remember. He was so excited and had to tell me all about it. He fell in love with Mrs. Walker and she was the light of his life when he wasnt with me. Everyday since the first day he has come home excited and looking forward to telling me about his day. He was actually upset when he found out that he wouldnt have Mrs. Walker again for regular Kindergarten. Both of my kids have participated in the KR program with Rutherford County (one at LaVergne Primary and one at Browns Chapel) and it helped them grow not only maturity wise but just learning how get an understanding of what school is all about. I would recommend every parent start their child in KR if its an option because its a program designed to help your child blossom and prevail in their education. Mrs. Walker has become such an inspiration to my child and she will be missed more then words can express not only my Kase but by myself as well!!!!!
My daughter struggled in Pre-K with focusing on her work.  This was a barrier to her learning at the same rate as the other kids.  This year in KR has been a huge advantage to her as it has given her the time to mature before regular kindergarten, has kept her engaged in the learning process, and has challenged her beyond her comfort zone.  We are so pleased with her growth and progress, both academically and personally.
Our son was placed in KR after Kindergarten testing with our permission. He passed the Kindergarten placement test but it was brought to our attention that he struggled with perfectionism. Our son likes to answer questions correctly and he would change his mind and answers while trying to make sure he was correct. He lacked self confidence. It was recommended that we place him in KR so that he could learn to deal with his confidence and self perfectionism. We agreed because we did not want him to get left behind in Kindergarten and beyond while dealing with his frustrations. We felt that KR would give him an extra year to grow personally, be a positive move, a gift, that could help him on the front end and keep him from getting lost later on.
It was the best decision we ever made! He discovered that self confidence by the end of KR. He feels confident with all situations presented to him and he is able to work through trickier situations with confidence and not 2nd guess himself. 
Because of KR, he is personally secure and confident.It made him independent. It tightened up his academics and now he is in the school districts gifted program. It was the best decision we have ever made!
Thanks for letting me share, 
Danielle Sparks
Whenever I find out someone has a child with a summer birthday and/or is considering KR for their child, I get so excited and have to tell them how I am a BIG advocate for it!  
Although I have my teaching degree and had taught in the Rutherford County School system a couple of years, I wasn't aware of this wonderful program until my older son was registering to go to school.  My husband and I went to a meeting to hear more about Kindergarten Readiness and we definitely thought it was something to consider. We knew he was ready for school and loved the fact that he'd still be going like someone in "big" kindergarten each and every day, that there would be lots of hands on learning, and the teacher to student ratio is smaller in a KR classroom, so that was a plus knowing he'd get more individualized attention.   
The day when our son had his screening we were told he made the minimum score, but at the same time didn't show signs of definitely needing it developmentally and that it was our decision on whether we wanted to have him put on the list.  After discussing it and praying about it, we chose to put his name on the list and told the KR teacher if there were 15 other kids who she thought needed it more to give it to them.  Well, long story short, he had a spot in there that year and we couldn't have been more pleased!  He is going to start Fifth Grade this year and has been at the top of his class each year.
Needless to say, when our younger son, who also has a summer birthday and will now be going into Second Grade, was approaching time to register for school, we knew we wanted him to be in KR. He too had a wonderful year learning so much, having fun, and making many friends!  Since then he has also continued to be a leader in his classroom and excel academically.  I truly believe KR paved such an incredible foundation to both our boys' school experiences- academically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. 
I will leave you with something a friend who had a child previously in KR told me when she found out we were first contemplating it.... she said, "I've met people who have regretted NOT having their child do Kindergarten Readiness, but I've never met anyone who has regretted doing it." She was right.  
--Nikki Messick   

I love to share my KR experience with anyone considering the program.  Two of my 3 children spent a year in KR before starting Kindergarten, and I think it’s one of the best programs Rutherford Co Schools offers.  I spent a great deal of time trying to decide if KR would be the best choice for my oldest daughter, and it was a no brainer for my middle daughter.  She was eligible for KR so, of course, it was the right choice!  Imagine KR as the very best, most solid foundation you could provide for your child.  Most kids are academically ready for Kindergarten, but socially and emotionally Kindergarten can be very stressful.    My kids who were in KR are in 7th and 5th grade now, and this extra year of maturity has benefited them every single year.  KR is one of the best decisions we've made regarding our children's education!


I would also like to tell you about my experience with Mrs. Walker.  She was a volunteer in one of our KR classes and she was instrumental in helping to teach my daughter to read.  Mrs.  Walker loves to teach, she gets excited about learning, and she is a person of integrity.  My kids describe her as “really kind”

 -Heather Brand
The KR program has been the biggest blessing thus far in my children's education. All three of my children have been fortunate enough to experience all that KR has to offer. It allows children with those summer birthdays an extra year to grow in maturity, skill sets, and confidence; so that when they do start "Big Kindergarten" they have everything they need and more! My kids favorite year have been KR- it is packed full of fun! The class size is small and the children are able to get lots of hands on and one on one from the teacher! Can not say enough positive things about KR! 
-Rachel Blandford
My oldest daughter is naturally a high achiever. She was reading at the age of three and learning has always been natural for her. Also, when entering school, she appeared to be extremely mature. It did not appear that there were reasons she "needed" KR, however, we did not want to pass up the opportunity of another year to grow in leadership, academics, and confidence. I saw it as a luxury, not a necessity.  In KR she grew in every aspect. Her reading level increased, as she became even more mature and confident. She has continued to thrive in school, and is now in the gifted program. We loved the KR program, but we really saw the benefit when she entered third grade. Her own perfectionism and drive became an obstacle for her. She was able to overcome this because she had the maturity to deal with it. KR is the best decision we could have made! 
My younger daughter, had more obvious signs of immaturity and lacked confidence entering school. KR was great for her! Now she is thriving in school as well, and is described as a leader and very confident by her teachers. Again, the best decision we have made. 
Because of my own children's' experiences, I'm very passionate about this program and teaching each student at their individual level. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing opportunity for your child!
-Jennifer Walker
Our Classroom Zoo 
The kiddos brought in some animals and we created a Zoo in our classroom! 
First we classified, sorted and learned about animals. 
At first I let them choose how to sort the animals. One group sorted by tails/no tails, one group sorted by where they lived (in water/out of water), and one group sorted by stripes/no stripes. Pretty smart kiddos, huh? 
Then we spent some time sorting by body covering, number of legs, and color
Next, we did some research. 
We decided our animals should have signs just like the Nashville Zoo, so we needed to learn a little bit about our animals. Mrs. Barlow got us lots of books, and we ask our book buddies to help us read about  specific animals. 
We made our signs, created habitats, and built our zoo!
We made invitations for visitors, and the kiddos even insisted that we make maps. 
The Visitors
We had so much fun being zookeepers and guiding our visitors through the zoo! We had lots of classes, Mr. Walker, Coach Hicks, Coach Martin, Mrs. Lapinski, Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Tammy from the front office, and even Mrs. Goostree! Mrs. Goostree loved it so much she gave us spirit sticks that said "Your principal is proud of you!" The kiddos felt like the rock stars they are! 
Fairy Tale STEM: Can you build a house that can stand up to the Big Bad Wolf? 
To continue our Fairy Tale unit the kiddos made houses. Then we brought in the Big Bad Wolf (A.K.A my hair dryer) to see if the houses would stand strong! It was so much fun! I love their little furrowed brows as they are trying to figure out how to make a strong, sturdy house, that stands up. 
Learning with fairy tales! 
We began our day with fun morning work. Then, we read Billy Goats Gruff and identified the characters and setting. Next,  we paired up and got a mystery bag of materials to construct the setting. Once everyone had constructed their bridges, we took turns retelling the story to the class! 
Easter Fun
Morning Work Fun! 
If I were president...
Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? 
Money Scramble and Sweet Shop! 
Ground hog Treats with Book Buddies
100th Day of School Fun! 
Our Snowman Science experiment
We started by planning what our snowman would look like. We had to learn to spell the word "My" first. 
Next, I asked my class a question. (in my best "Anna singing voice"  of course!) "Do you want to build a snowman? We built our snowman out of frozen water balls. Then we observed and recorded what our snowman looked like at the beginning of the day. We also made a hypothesis about what it would like like at the end of the day. 
We observed it in the middle of the day and recorded our data.
Then we observed it at the end of the day. Most of our hypothesizes were wrong. Most of us thought it would only be a puddle at the end of the day. 
Happy New Year! 
We started our New Year back to school by learning about telling time, and counting down the hours of our first school day back! Each hour, we opened the back that matched the time to reveal a surprise. We were learning about the letter Nn so each surprise began with N. We had so much fun! We opened:
New crayons, Number games, Nerds, No shoes,  New Years Celebration, and more! 
we had some super fun Morning work last week! 
We made Gingerbread Men today! The kiddos had to "purchase" the ingredients from the store. The prices were letters. Their "money" was pictures.  To purchase an item they had have the picture that corresponded with the beginning sound  letter. It was so much fun! 
Run, Run as fast as you can! Did you hear about our Gingerbread man? 
We worked together to make this Gingerbread Man after reading the story yesterday. 
When we go to school this morning, he had left us a note! We worked together to sound out the words and read them!
He sent us a message saying that he had some fun, but now he was lost. He sent us this picture.
We made a poster, and hung it up in the school. It worked! Our Book Buddies found him and brought him back to us! 
Ready For Thanksgiving Lunch! 
50th Day Of KR!!!
F is for Frankenstein!
These cute doctors helped their monster patients by matching upper case and lowercase letters
S is for Super Hero! 
O is for octopus!
H is for Horse!
G is for Guinea Pig! 
Pete the Cat Fun!

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